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                                                   Our Fees

Our objective is to provide our clients with sales channels to market that are ready, willing and able to sell their products and services in the shortest possible period of time. The cost of setting up such a network is reflected in our fees:

Commissions: We charge 1/2% of all sales we develop through any new sales channels we setup for our clients for a three year period.

Expenses: We charge a monthly fee of $1000 (max. of 6 months) while contacting and interviewing potential sales channels which is reimbursed by your new customer through our commission.  In other words, our expenses are a draw against future commissions (sales generated by your new sales channels).  The reason we must charge a fee for our expenses is because our staff must target, contact,  interview and follow up with numerous candidates before finding one qualified sales channel.  We must contact and screen numerous, potential candidates prior to the interviewing process.  If you have tried finding sales channels on your own, you know this process is time consuming.

Cancellation: You may stop our service at any time by giving us a 30-day notice.  The reason we need 30 days is to allow us to complete the interviewing process of potential candidates that are in progress.

NOTE: For more details on our terms and conditions, please request “Our Agreement” which can be immediately emailed to you.  Please email us at info@outersales.com or call us (818) 342-4576 to receive our agreement.




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