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OuterSales specializes in developing Nationwide and International sales and marketing channels for organizations of all sizes who want to increase their market share and revenue, without increasing their overhead on expensive in-house sales staffing, payroll, advertising, training, travel and other related expenses.

Sales Representatives and Distributors work on Straight Commission.  They are paid on Results!

OuterSales will set up a nationwide or a worldwide sales force through independent sales representatives and distributors who have the experience, product and industry knowledge, and who sell complementary products and services to the customers our clients desire.  The representatives and distributors already have established relationships, rapport and a customer base that will match our clients' needs. 

Why are we Successful?

OuterSales has more than 353,000 profiles and line cards on sales reps and distributors broken down into hundreds of product and service groups. Once we have identified those products and services that complement those of our clients', we then start our search and screening process. The screening process is based first on our clients' requirements, then on the representatives' and/or distributors' experience, product and industry knowledge, sales channels, customer base, territories and more.

Our clients no longer experience sales reps not performing, the lost revenue and the time in training and hiring in-house sales representatives. 

By developing a strong marketing network of sales representatives and distributors who already have the experience, established contacts and who sell complementary products, OuterSales eliminates the loss of revenue in training and hiring in-house sales reps.

 It's a Win-Win Solution!


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Benefits of Outsourcing Sales


Eliminate Marketing costs, such as Advertising, Purchasing of Expensive Databases for Lead Generation.


Eliminate  the Costs in Hiring and Training Sales Reps.


Eliminate In-House Administrative and Operating Costs such as Phone and Travel Expenses.


Reduce Sales Cycle.


Bottom Line - Increase Sales without increasing Overhead.


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