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                                          How It Works



OuterSales is devoted to establishing sales and marketing channels for organizations who want to expand their business and increase their sales without increasing their expenses and overhead.

OuterSales accomplishes this goal by utilizing a unique selection process and a large, exclusive database that matches the needs of its clients with independent sales reps and distributors.

OuterSales unique database is comprised of independent sales representatives and distributors who are successful, work on straight commission and have existing relationships.

The selection process is first established by our clients.  It may be by product, service, industry, territory.  OuterSales then searches through its extensive database and finds  a match based on experience, product and industry knowledge, customer base, territories and more.  Listed below are the basic steps of the selection process:



The Steps:



OuterSales maintains a unique database with more than 353,000 reps and distributors categorized by industry, products, types of customers, territories, etc.  Selection and matches are made based on clients' requirements.  The representatives and/or distributors sell complementary products and services by  industry and other factors.   


OuterSales performs an in-depth analysis for each client's needs, then contacts prospective sales representatives and/or distributors.  After matches are determined,  a presentation of our client's products and services are made through emailing, faxing, US mailings and telemarketing


After our qualification and an interest is established by the prospective representative, a brochure and/or website of our client's company, products and services are then provided to the representative and/or distributor.


Once the prospective representative or distributor has reviewed the information and still has an interest, OuterSales then puts the representative and/or distributor in touch with their client for a final interview.


Once a candidate is accepted by our client, then they are ready to get Started!




If you have any questions or would like to receive a copy of our brochure and/or agreement, please email us at info@outersales.com or call us at (818)342-4576.










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